APPL TimeLine

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If we are today a compounding pioneer with a production capacity of over 200,000 MT Annually and the largest polymer raw material supplier for manufacturers of automotive components, a lion’s share of the credit goes to our Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Inder Jain, who established APPL Industries Ltd a quarter-of-a-century ago.

Starting out with plants at Manesar in Haryana, Mr. Inder Jain went on to institute factories at Koregaon, Bhima and Hinjewadi in Pune and Sriperumbudur in Chennai. He showed immense foresight in setting up a plant at Dahej in Gujarat, especially to cater to exports. Mr. Inder Jain succeeded in expanding the APPL footprint by starting multiple engineering plants dedicated to multiple activities. So much so, we’ve not only just set up office but also have stock points at Germany, Mexico, Japan, and are actively exploring opportunities there.


APPL Industries Ltd is as much a name built on trust, high standards, and unparalleled customer service as it is on continuous and extensive Research & Development. Not surprisingly, we’ve been among the first, not only to bring the latest technologies and products to the country but also to take our world-class compounding products to the world.

We understand that our business stands on the strength of its human capital and therefore, at all seven of our fully-automated plants, we value employee safety as much as we value efficiency and product consistency.


Plant Operations Dahej, Gujarat.


Proposed Operation in Mexico.


NABL Accredited.


- Proposed Dahej Plant, Gujarat


- Started Production in Sriperumbudur Plant, Chennai.
- Established APPL International Pvt. Ltd.
- Established EcoAir Cooling System, Pune.


- Established Research and Technology Center, Pune


- Established APPL GOR with renolit, Pune
- Established Autodynamic Engineering, Pune


- Started Production in Hinjewadi Plant, Pune


APPL Industries Limited was the new name given to the company.


Started production in Manesar, Haryana.


Started production in Koregaon Bhima,Pune.


- Established as AALEKH POLYMER PVT. LTD.
- Started Production in kriti nagar, New Delhi.