APPL Infrastructure

We Build Strong Relationship


Given our critical role in the automotive industry, the fact that we are located in and around the country’s auto hubs including Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Gujarat is a definite plus. It is easier for our clients to know us and reach out to us anytime. Similarly, we too are in a better position to respond to their needs and serve them to the best of our ability. This is a win-win proposition which allows APPL to deliver immense benefits to clients in terms of closer hand holding and delivery and speedy client servicing and crisis management among others. Our location has worked wonders for our reputation and continues to do so.


Ours is international standard packaging. For instance, we supply jumbo bags that can accommodate a minimum of 750 kg and 1,000 kg. Especially for export clients, we manufacture bags that can take up to 25 kg.

Our Location

APPL is headquartered in Hinjewadi, Pune and has marketing offices in all major autohubs . For timely delivery of the material, APPL has a distribution network with own transport facilities operational across the country to ensure door delivery.